1. The idea of inheritance of acquired character was proposed by;
a. Linnaeus
b. Lamarck
c. Darwin
d. Wallace

2. From South America Darwin collected number of types of Finches;
a. 20
b. 11

c. 15
d. 13

3. Which one of the following mammals live only in America?
a. Armadillos
b. Elephant
c. Opossum
d. Echidna
4. Which one of the following Island is present near the coastline of South America?
a. Cape verd
b. Finland
c. Galapagos
d. Iceland

5. The oldest known fossils are of;
a. Pisces
b. Prokaryotes
c. Protozoans

d. Algae

6. Archaeobacteria can tolerate temperature up to;
a. 100o C
b. 150 oC
c. 110 oC
d. 120 oC

7. Most fossils are found in;
a. Sedimentary rocks
b. Ingeous rock
c. Black soil
d. Lava flowa

8. Charles Darwin's book, On the origin of species by Means of Natural Selection, was first published in;
a. 1779
b. 1831
c. 1859
d. 1959

9. The primary mission of the "voyage of H.M.S.beagle" (1831 -- 1836) was to;
a. Carry arms to the new world
b. Chart the S.American coastline
c. Find out how many species there were in the world
d. Disprove Lamarck's theory of inheritance

10. The wing of bird and the forelegs of a horse are;
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