Skeletal System

These MCQs are from Chapter 16 of 2nd year Skeletal System. I hope These MCQs from Skeletal System will help you a lot in giving good concepts about skeletal system.

Biology MCQs Skeletal System

1. The matrix of the bone is composed of;
a. Calcium phosphate
b. Collagen
c. Chitin
d. Calcium carbonate

2. Hydrostatic skeleton is pressent in;
a. E.Worm & Jelly fish
b. Cockroach

c. Cray fish
d. Millipedes

3. The most rigid connective tissues are the;
a. Tendons
b. Ligaments
c. Cartilage

d. Bones

4. All of the following are related to cranial bones, except that of;
a. Parietal
b. Occipital
c. Vomer
d. Frontal

5. The structure formed by the fusion of anterior five pelvic vertebrae is the;
a. Axis
b. Sacrum
c. Atlas
d. Coccyx

6. Which one of the following posses single occipital condyle?
a. Fishes & Reptiles
b. Birds & Mammals
c. Birds & Amphibians
d. Reptiles & Birds

7. The antagonistic arrangement of skeletal muscles means the movement of muscles;
a. In the same direction
 b. Against each other
c. with out friction
d. With out contraction & relaxation

8. Which one deos not take place  during repair of bone?
a. Chondrocytes formation
b. Hematoma formation
c. Callus formation
d. Bony callus

9. which one is not correct about the sliding filament model of muscle contraction?
a. Length of A band is reduced
b. Thick and thin filaments slide over each other
c. Z - lines come lose together
d. The I - band shortens

10. The fundamental contractile unit of a skeletal muscle is called;
a. I - band
b. sarcolemma
c. Sarcomeres
d. H - zone

11. Which one of the following acts as a shock absorber to cushion the tibia and the femur where they come together?
a. Central disc
b. Ligament
c. Cartilage
d. Tendons

12. A muscle is a muscle;
a. Bundle
b. Fiber
c. Filament
d. Fibril

13. The original function, in the first vertebrates, of the skeleton was to provide;
a. Support for locomotion
b. Minerals
c. blood cells
d. protection from enemies

14. Which one of the following connects the bone to bone?
a. Tendon
b. Cartilage
c. Disc
d. ligament

15. The original function is still performed today by bones of the;
a. Jaw
b. Pelvis
c. Skull and rib cage
d. Thigh

16. Which one of the following is likely to have the strongest leg bones?
a. Jockey
b. Swimmer
c. Golfer
d. Weight lifter

17. The fundamental, repeating unit of a skeletal myofibril is the;
a. Motor unit
b. Myosin cross bridge
c. Sarcomere
d. Sarcoplasmic reticulum

18. According to the now-established sliding- filament model of muscle contraction, the molecules that move o shorten a muscle are;
a. Creatine phosphate
b. Collagen
c. Myosin
d. Actin

19. Cross bridges, which connect the two molecules of a fibril during a muscle contraction, are made of;
a. Troponin
b. Tropomyosin
c. Actin
d. Myosin

20. An oxygen debt develops during;
a. An aerobic work
b. Aerobic work
c. Sarcoplasmic release
d. Tetanus

21. The ion that must be present for binding of the cross bridges is;
a. sodium ion
b. Potassium ion
c. Calcium ion
d. Magnesium ion

22. The all-or-non phenomenon of muscle contraction refers to a maximum contraction or no contraction of a;
a. Muscle
b. Muscle fiber
c. Muscle bundle
d. Muscle fibril

23. An aerobic work becomes continue painful because of an accumulation of;
a. Lactic acid
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Acetic acid
d. Calcium ions

24. An all-out sprint cannot continue for more than about 45 seconds because the muscles;
a. Accumulate acetylcholine on their plasma membranes
b. Accumulate too much Creatine phosphate
c. Run out of glycogen
d. Run out of oxygen

25. The depression used for articulation of femur is called;
a. Ischium
b. Pubis
c. Ilium
d. Acetabulum

26. The mammals used on the hoofed tip of the toes are called;
a. Unguligrades
b. Plantigrades
c. Digitigrades
d. Saltatorials

27. The most prehistoric extinct bipedal vertebrates were the;
a. Lobe finned fishes
b. Amphibians
c. Reptiles
d. Mammals

28. keel the modified bone of sternum is present in;
a. Dipnoi
b. Reptiles
c. Birds
d. Mammals

29. The stream-line body structure is present in;
a. Reptiles
b. Fishes
c. Mammals
d. Amphibians

30. Star fish moves with the help of;
a. Caudal fin
b. Myonemes
c. Tube feet
d. Foot

31. Which of the following  animal show accordion like locomotion?
a. Jelly fish
b. Earth-worm
c. Tape-worm
d. Amoeba

32. In man the contraction of which of the following muscles make the arm straight?
a. Triceps Brachii
b. Brachialis
c. Biceps Brachii
d. Brachioradialis

33. during contraction of muscles the calcium ions released from;
a. Sarcomeres
b. T - tubules
c. Bone marrow
d. Sarcoplasmic reticulum

34. A grass-hopper moves from place to place when it muscles;
a. Pull it bones
b. Push it bones
c. Push it external plates
d. Pull its external plates

35. An earth-worm moves from place to place;
a. Peristalic waves of contracions of circular and longitudinal muscles
b. To and fro movements of many tiny parapodia
c. Many small paseudopodia called Setae
d. Rolling movements caused by statocysts

36. Tiny animals, such as the larvae of Cnidarians, move from place to place chiefly by;
a. Cytoplasmic streaming
b. The beating movement of cilia
c. Contraction of muscle cells
d. Amoeboid movement

37. The to-fro-movements of cilia and flagella in euglena & paramecium are caused by;
a. Sliding microtubules
b. Contracting microfilaments
c. Elongating cell membranes
d. Changes in turgor pressure

38. Which of the following is mismatched?
a. Slightly moveable joint-vertebrate
b. Hinge joint-Hip
c. Synovial joint-elbow
d. Immovable joint-Sutures in cranium

39. Which of these is direct source of energy?
a. Adenosine Triphosphate
b. Lactic acid
c. Creatine phosphate
d. Both a & b

40. When muscles contract;
a. Sarcomeres increases in size
b. Myosin slides past actin
c. The "H-zone" disappears
d. Calcium is taken up calcium storage sites

41. The chest cage of man is supported by number of ribs;
a. Twenty four only
b. Twelve pairs
c. Ten pairs
d. Both a & b

42. during bone fracture the mass of clotted blood is called;
a. Remodeling
b. Hematoma
c. reduction
d. Bony callus


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