Biology Test

Biology Test

 1. i\In ireland people are completely dependent on
a. potatoes
c. tobacco
d. red pepper

2. Capsium anum is the scientific name of
a. datura
b. tobacco
c.red pepper
d. black pepper

3. which one of the following is the favourite home garden vegetable that was once believed to be poisoned
a. physalis
b. lipersicum esculentum
c. soalanum meelangena
d, atropa belladona

4. photosynthetic autotrophs get their energy from
a. heat
b. inorganic molecules

c. organic molecules
d. light

5. in 1930 van neil hypothesised that oxygen atoms in the oxygen gas released by plants come from
a.carbon dioxide
b. water
c. glucose
d. chlorophyll

6. in plant cell .the dark reactions of photosyntheses takes place in
a. stroma
b. thylakoids
d. lamellae

7. which of the following colurs of light work best for photosynthesis
a. green&blue
b. red%green
c. blue&red
d. violet&oraange

8. a description of wavelength absorbed by a pigment is called its
a. action apectrum
b. anteena cells
c. reaction center
d. absorption spectrum

9. production of NADPH in a chloroplast takes place during
a. dark reaction
b. non-cyclic photophosphyrlation
c. cyclic photophosphyrlation
d. chemiosis

10. which of thr following plant leaves are used for curing of ring worm skin disease
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  1. nice collection but where z key??????

  2. wheres the answers ?

  3. a,d,b,b,b,a,c,a,b,a,c,?,a,c,c,b,c,d,d,b,c,d,b,c,a,b(ans)

  4. very goood

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