Chemistry MCQS [Chapter 9]

These MCQs are made from F.Sc part 1 Chemistry Chapter 9. For students preparing for Entry Test.
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Chemistry MCQs chapter 9 :

1- which one of the following solution will have the highest b.p
a. 5.85% solution of sodium chloride
b- 18% solution of glucose
c- 6% solution of urea
d- all have the same boiling point

2- sea water contains 5*10-3 g of dissolved oxygen in one kilogram of water. the concentration of oxygen in ppm is
a. 0.05
b. 0.5

c. 5.0
d. 50

3. cheese is an example of solution of
a. liquid into solid
b. solid into liquid
c. liquid into liquid
d. solid into solid

4. compound having max solubility at 25 C
a. NaCl
b. KNO3
d. HCl

5. which one of the following salts donot undergo hydrolysis
a. copper sulphate
b. sodium carbonate
c. sodium sulphate
d. aluminum chloride

6. when one mole of solute is dissolved in one kg solvent, depression 9n freezing point is called
a. cryoscopic constant
b. molao freezing point solution
c. both
d, none

7. a deci-molal solution of glucose contains
a. 18g kg -1
b. 1.8g per 100g
c- 180g per 10kg
d- all

8. when 2 g of sodium carbonate is dissolved in 20 g of water, percentage by weight of solution is
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