5 Facts about Entry Test Class

As you people know we have launched our latest test session with the name of entry test class. From now on wards all my MCQs are going to be added on entry test class.

I know a lot of you want to know more about entry test class, and what is it? Basically let me tell you 5 facts about it.

Test Session 

Firsly Entry Test Class right now is a test session with more than 30 test added and more will be added in coming weeks. I don't how 30 test sounds like but there are about 2000 Questions in 30 test. 
One Pre MCAT has already been added in Entry Test Class and we are planing to add more Pre MCAT test near the end of session. 

Free Test

There are a lot of free test are given on website which you can give without even sign up, so give a free test now 

Features & Dues

The Pro Members have these features in their profile, All their results are recorded under Status tab of their profile. The questions they did wrong are all added in review tab. So they can easily review things when they have time.  Pro Member ship is 1500 First Month and 1000 after it but for first 20 users will get membership up till MCAT 2014 in 1500 only. 


New Test will be added in entry test class also every website improves with time and entry test class has got a lot better than 2013. In 2013 we had a user based question and answer website to help people. The issue with that was we can't determine the quality of questions. In Entry Test Class 2014 we are taking care of questions and test and team has done a great job in making test and providing accurate keys.

Mission and Response

Entry Test Class is part of our efforts to provide quality entry test education to students, particularly deserving ones. So for poor and deserving students entry test class is offering 100% scholarships. Just contact us.


  1. can we join this test class any time or there is specified time?? i mean, currently i do not have enough prepration but i would love to give these test in the end,,,so, will u allow me to give all test in the end????

  2. Yes you can join entry test class any time, though currently there is an offer going on, 1500 for entire session later you will get access for one month in 1500.


  3. Aoa Waqar I need some help...How can I broach you?
    its me on fb.. https://www.facebook.com/areeba.iftikhar.50
    Please contact me asap.


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